TripIt App Demo

Concur asked 1P to help make people aware of the instant value of the TripIt app and drive downloads.

We found a great collaborator in Adrien Kulig, helping develop a great look that complemented the TripIt Brand. After we identified  the main points that we wanted to expand on, we build the story and assign visuals that created a fun journey that shows the benefits of the application for frequent travelers.

Client: Concur

Produced at First Person

Account Manager: Drew Fiero
Art Director:  Carlos Tsoi
Project Manager: Meg Underwood
Illustration: Adrien Kulig
Animation: Carlos Tsoi
Additional Animation Junyoung Chung (Pigle)
Writer: Ty Bardi
Editor: Jessica Schorer

Simple Chaos

The main challenge of the visuals and the overall tone of the piece, was to find the right way to show how in a busy agenda with a lot of obstacles, TripIt will show the right information at the right time, simplifying the noise of all the assets you need when you are a frequent traveler.


Environments and Style

The process was a fun discovery of all the elements, all of them needed to complement the brand, and be quick reads to help move the story quickly.

Meet Jack

The main character needed to be resilient and always ready for all the busy agenda.