The Near Future


The Near Future..., presented by Cablelabs

A vision of possibilities arising from the high speed low latency networks that will connect our homes, businesses and mobile devices in the not too far distant future.

A quick vision of how VR applications and other technologies can be used soon in the household. It was a fun challenge trying to shape this experiences in a way that is not very disconnected with the capabilities of the ongoing technology. 

First Person Partnership with Ivory Labs

Direction: David Mackie

Creative Direction : Nathan Hackett

Project Coordinator : Johnny Wow - Jessie Mizrahi

Art Direction: Carlos Tsoi

Assistant Editor: Jessica Schorer

3D Animation: Hernan Santander, Robert Kim, Tim Smith,Marko Mandric, Carlos Tsoi

Compositors: Hernan Santander, Christian Castaneda, Pigle Chung, Robert Kim, Carlos Tsoi, Scott Bartholomew, Jessica Laszlo

Conference Wall Animation: Angela Yu, Carlos Tsoi

Gauntlet Prop: Brandon Blizard