Michael Litchfield, Creative Director from Doremus was in the process of creating a new interactive division within the agency that specializes in new marketing and social media strategies. 

The team realized that the best way to tell the Muse story was to turn the Creative Director himself into an animated cartoon. 

I was in charge of the Art Direction and Look Development of the characters and the environment. As things were coming along I helped animate some of the scenes and assets for a faster turnaround.

We worked with Mixamo and using their motion capture stage, crew, and talent recorded most of the actions that the animated character performs based on our storyboards.

This project had an interesting workflow were 3D Artists from Maya and C4D were sending data back and forth to take advantage of the mograph capabilities of C4D and the smooth graph editor in Maya. The talented team of animators and designers at First Person came through with a stylized animated 3D spokesperson that is personable, visually interesting, and fun to watch.

Behind the scenes

Client: Doremus

Drew Fiero: Executive Producer

Zach Fryer: Creative Direction

Nate Riley: Co-Creative Direction

Carlos Tsoi: Art Direction, Look  Dev, 2d & 3d animation

Maria Henriksen: Project Management

Brandon Blizard: 3D Lead, Pipeline and Modeling

Hernan Santander: Compositing Lead, Pipeline and Animation

KK Lin: Lead Design, Look Dev and 2d animation

Andy Mai: Modeling, Design, Animation, Compositing

David TM: Character Animation

Junyoung (Pigle): Compositor

Nadia Khomenko: Compositor


Produced at First Person